sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011


"1st International Seminar: "Cultural Diversity: Culture and Romani Art in Europe"

Experts and cultural operators from different countries will be invited to take part in this seminar, which will bring in the local population into contact with Roma culture and also foster research into it as an important contribution to the broader European culture.

The seminar will address:

- E.U. programs and funds in favor of Roma communities (we will invite people from the European Commission)

- "Cultural Diversity: Culture and Romani art in Europe" (our project: definition, objectives, etc.)

- the history of the Roma people (from India to Europe, and to Extremadura, Spain)

- good practices and examples

- exhibitions of photography, films, paintings, etc. created by Roma.

Extraido do Blog : ARTE GITANO.(MARTES,15/FEB./2011.)

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